Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I debated how I should write the "About Me" section of the website. I might get philosophical, I do not believe some paragraph of words can really describe who I truly am. It is also not my intention to turn this into a resume, you can get that from my LinkedIn profile.

While I have a strong extrovert personality, social, passionate, have many friends (sometimes too many to be honest), I try really hard to keep a low profile. Fundamentally, I believe in having my work to speak for me rather than self promotion. In Chinese, it is called "高调做事,低调做人".  Perhaps this comes from my engineering background. I like to build things, I like to solve problems. The main driver of this website's existence is to satisfy my urge to create and to build. At the time of this writing, I have slowly made a name for myself in Internet sector. A story that I often tell people is that this engineering and Internet choice is purely coincidental. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. My dad's entire family are business men. As I was coming out of school, it was the golden age of banking. All of my friends went to work for investment banks or management consulting firms while I chose to give up the lucrative (really, it was very lucrative) job and pursued my childhood dream of being a rocket scientist. Back in the days of Friendster (I am dating myself now), my friends would have pictures of first-class tickets and five-star hotels while I slaved away writing mission critical software in a laboratory in Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA. Who knew software and Internet became the biggest shift globally for the past decade or two. As I get older, I would try really hard to do the things I love. A simple test I would do is I would ask myself "If I get no pay, I still have to get up at 4am everyday to do this, would I still do it?" The answer will have to be a "Hell Yes" before I take anything on. It simplifies many things for me.

Of course, I will have to say that I have been extremely lucky. Many people helped me, being forgiving, encouraged and helped me to keep going. During the hardest of time, my wife (girlfriend at the time) stood by me and gave me all the support I need. Over the years, I have traveled and worked around the world. I grew a ton and I do not believe this is the end yet. I look to give back as much as I can. Please contact me if you think we should meet or there is something I can offer.

Until then, take care